VTech is all about enhancing people's everyday lives. We do this by understanding how people live, work and play. We then creatively adapt well-established technologies to design and develop innovative products. To make sure everyone can enjoy them, from the very beginning VTech products are designed to be of high quality and good value for money.


By listening to customers and controlling the design and production processes, most of which are in-house, we have become the global leader in electronic learning products from infancy to preschool as well as the world's largest manufacturer of cordless phones.


VTech's expertise in electronics and ability to apply proven technology has allowed it to develop innovative and educational toys that offer enhanced play value. Each year, we introduce a variety of new toys for children at different stages of development that make learning fun.


Leveraging its expertise in consumer telephony, VTech has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of commercial phones, targeting small to medium sized businesses, as well as hotel phones. Our leadership in wireless communication also enables us to offer other telecommunication products, including baby monitors, wireless monitoring system, integrated access devices, connected home devices and CareLine senior phones.


In addition to our own production, we provide contract manufacturing services that help other companies to produce high quality products such as professional audio equipment and wireless headsets.


Innovation, quality, affordability and service are what make VTech a success.