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Sustainability Report 2022

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Sustainability Report 2021

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Sustainability Report 2020

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Sustainability Report 2019

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Sustainability Report 2018

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Sustainability Report 2017

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Sustainability Report 2016

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Sustainability Report 2015

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Sustainability Report 2014

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Sustainability Report 2013

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Sustainability Policies for Suppliers

Supplier Code of Conduct

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Conflict Minerals Policy

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VTech’s sustainability vision is to create sustainable value to improve the lives of people and protect the planet for future generations.


VTech's sustainability mission is to integrate economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility in our business strategies to design, manufacture and supply innovative and high quality products for the wellbeing of people and benefits of society, aiming to drive sustainable value for our stakeholders and the communities.


In order to achieve the sustainability vision and mission, VTech has developed a 5-year Sustainability Plan 2025, focusing on increasing the use of sustainable materials in our products, recycling our products in a responsible way, increasing the use of renewable energy and reducing the natural resources consumption in our production process, as well as stepping up our efforts to use more eco-friendly transportation modes in our supply chain management.

We have developed our sustainability strategies and programmes based on our five sustainability pillars – Governance and Business Ethics, Product Responsibilities and Value Chain Management, Environment, Our People and Society.

Governance and Business Ethics

VTech promotes a culture of integrity, accountability and innovation throughout the Company. It also ensures that its corporate governance framework complies with the applicable laws and regulations as well as industry best practice with effective internal control and risk management systems in place.

Product Responsibilities and Value Chain Management

VTech's culture of innovation, not only supports its employees to continuously design and develop innovative and high quality products for the well-being of people and benefits of society, but also facilitates the Company to integrate sustainability concept throughout the factory and business operations as well as its supply chain.


VTech has developed "Climate Change Strategy" to assess and address the potential risks and opportunities arising from climate change. It also promotes a culture of innovation and incorporates sustainability concepts in its operation, including high performance production chain, green manufacturing and sustainable logistics practices.

Our People

VTech cares for its employees and aims to provide a safe, inclusive and motivating working environment for its people. It also promotes a culture of integrity with human resources management policies in place to foster a caring atmosphere with mutual respect in the workplace.


VTech uses its expertise and resources to support the communities in which it operates, focusing on supporting people in need, collaborating with local charities, providing training opportunities for young people, nourishing an innovative environment and developing a healthy and green community. It also promotes a culture of accountability throughout the Company for the communities.

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