VTech Expands Popular Switch & Go Line (只提供英文版)

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VTech Expands Popular Switch & Go Line (只提供英文版)

Chicago – Today VTech announced exciting new additions to its popular, interactive Switch & Go® line, which introduces children to the world of prehistoric creatures that transform into vehicles. Offering hours of endless entertainment, the Switch & Go Dragon Roadhog, Gorilla Muscle Car and Velociraptor Motorcycle will be available later this year.

"Switch & Go continues to be a kid favorite, and the new toys introduce even more exciting innovation and technology," said Andy Keimach, President, VTech Electronics North America. "The new one-touch transformation, action buttons and unique creatures amplify imaginative play."

Kid-tough and kid-friendly, the Dragon Roadhog easily transforms from a rowdy vehicle to a ferocious dragon with a single touch. With the Gorilla Muscle Car, kids can turn a great ape into a mighty muscle car, while dinosaur fans will love the Velociraptor Motorcycle with one-touch transformation. These Switch & Go toys feature LCD screens that display either a driver's friendly face or fierce creature eyes, with awesome sound effects correlating to the mode the toy is in and an action button for even more imaginative play.

The new Switch & Go toys, recommended for ages 4 years and up, will be available this fall at retailers nationwide. Highlights include:

Switch & Go® Dragon Roadhog: Transform playtime with the Switch & Go® Dragon Roadhog! Stomp through your Switch & Go world with a rowdy roadhog that changes into a fire-breathing, head-butting dragon with one-touch transformation. The driver comes to life with an LCD-screen face and rough, tough sound effects. Roadhog comin' through! Kid-tough and kid-friendly, the Dragon Roadhog is easy to transform from vehicle to dragon with a single touch. Dragon on the go! Check out the fierce LCD eyes and dragon sound effects. Activate fire-breathing, head-butting action with the fidget button. Do you dare to duel this beast? Set up battle scenes with other Switch & Go creatures to see which is the fiercest, then switch back to race vehicles and see which is the fastest. Easily transform the dragon back into a rough-and-ready roadhog in four simple steps. Smash and crash! This rugged Dragon Roadhog is ready to set the world on fire! (MSRP: US$29.99)

Switch & Go® Gorilla Muscle Car: Meet the ferocious, transforming Switch & Go® Gorilla Muscle Car! This great ape beats its chest with two strong fists when you press the action button. Silverback smash! See how its LCD-screen eyes change from friendly to fierce when it's ready for action. A few simple moves turn the gorilla into a mighty muscle car. Engine purring, timer clicking, and it's ready to race! Check out the driver on the LCD screen and hear him talk about his ramming speed. Challenge other Switch & Go vehicles to a race and see who's the fastest, toughest and coolest! Switch back to a gorilla in a few easy steps. Smash! Gnash! Gorilla thrash! Build a Switch & Go world. Additional Switch & Go vehicles sold separately. (MSRP: US$19.99)

Switch & Go® Velociraptor Motorcycle: Transform playtime with the Switch & Go® Velociraptor Motorcycle! Hit the turbos with this speedy Motorcycle, then get ready for a dinosaur battle with one-touch transformation into a fierce Velociraptor. Raptors rock! Hear the dino's voice and stomping sound effects with the touch of a button. Dino mode makes the Velociraptor get ferocious with loud roars. Ready to cruise? Easily transform the Velociraptor back into a Motorcycle in three simple steps. In Vehicle mode, hear the motorcycle's engine rev up. Helmet's on, and it's time to roll! Create battle scenes with other Switch & Go vehicles, then change back into a Velociraptor with one touch. Time for a dinosaur duel! Each Switch & Go vehicle sold separately. (MSRP: US$11.99)

For more information, visit www.vtechkids.com.

About VTech
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