New AT&T CLP Series One of the Most Robust Phone Systems on the Market

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New AT&T CLP Series One of the Most Robust Phone Systems on the Market

2013 Product Line Brings Leading-Edge Telecommunications Tools to Consumers and Small Businesses

Beaverton, OreAdvanced American Telephones (AAT), which manufactures AT&T-branded telephones under a license agreement with AT&T Intellectual Property, today announced availability of its new 2013 AT&T-branded product line, delivering high-quality communication solutions to consumers and small businesses. The new AT&T line includes one of the most robust cordless phone systems in the marketplace with the debut of the CLP series with Connect to Cell™, which features a USB cellphone charging port, Caller ID Announce, push-to-talk capabilities, HD audio, mobile notifications, unsurpassed range and ability to wirelessly pair two DECT cordless headsets.

"The CLP product series builds upon the powerful benefit Connect to Cell brings in bridging consumers' mobile and home environments so they can prioritize and stay connected," said Matt Ramage, senior vice president of product management at Advanced American Telephones. "Through this year's Connect to Cell phones, headsets and small business products, individuals and small office managers have the best resources and flexibility to address the communication challenges they face."

The advanced and affordable four-line AT&T MS-Series Business System introduced late last year continues building traction with small businesses. Standard system features include support for up to four lines, individual voicemail boxes and conference calling for the professional functionality a small business needs, while remaining easy to set up.

Adding to the 2013 product offerings is the richly featured DECT 6.0 TL7910 headset that brings hands-free mobility and voice commands to the home or office. Further rounding out the AT&T-branded product line is the long-range, two-handset cordless CL82213 phone system. Audio settings are customizable to hearing needs or preferences, and it expands to 12 handsets, making the CL Series a versatile option for any household.

Unmatched Features With Connect to Cell System

The CLP99283 two-handset Connect to Cell system (MSRP US$99.95) allows users to wirelessly pair up to two cellphones with the phone base. Once connected, users can make and receive both cell and landline calls from the CLP phone system for virtual multi-line calling. Also, when the base is placed in a location with stronger cellular service than other locations in the home, the system essentially improves cellphone call experience throughout the home because calls can be conveniently answered on the cordless handsets.

AAT pushes the boundaries of the home phone with this full-featured AT&T branded phone series, including a cellphone charging port and mobile text, email, calendar and social media notifications from Android™ smartphones to the cordless phone system. It marks the end to missing a call, text or email because a smartphone battery is dead or the device is in another room. Users can centrally manage mobile communications by downloading the AT&T Connect to Cell app to an Android smartphone and pairing the smartphone to the CLP Series base. Once set up, the phone system will alert the cordless handsets on the system when text messages, emails or social media updates have arrived on the paired smartphone. The free AT&T Connect to Cell app is required for the notifications to work and is available for download using the Google Play™ store app.

Additional enhancements include back-up power and a new simulated full duplex handset and base speakerphone which improves the quality of both parties speaking at the same time. Consumers with compatible phones can download their cellphone contacts to store up to 6,000 directory entries, easily add new contacts, and have the system announce the name of the incoming caller with Caller ID Announce. The CLP99283 can expand to 12 accessory devices, including the CLP99003 handset (MSRP US$19.95), up to two TL7600 headsets (MSRP US$69.95), or the TL80133 wireless speakerphone (available fall 2013).

Additional CLP Connect to Cell models include the three-handset CLP99383 (MSRP US$119.95) and four-handset CLP99483 (MSRP US$139.95). The TL86109 (MSRP US$149.95) offers Connect to Cell and two phone lines with a corded base and cordless handset. For even more cost-efficient Connect to Cell options, the two-handset TL92273 (MSRP US$79.95) comes with a simulated full duplex handset speakerphone and the TL96273 (MSRP US$89.95) features a full keypad and speakerphone on the base for easy dialing and hands-free conversations.

Ultimate Small Business Communication Tool

Continuing its success from last year, the four-line AT&T branded MS-Series Business System allows small business owners to have a professional-quality phone system without worrying about cost and professional installation requirements. Standard system features include support for up to four lines, individual voicemail boxes and conference calling for up to five parties. The main MS2085 console (MSRP US$149.95) is expandable by adding up to 15 MS2015 desksets (US$99.95 MSRP), helping a small business grow with more phones as needed.

The entire system is connected through existing office Ethernet with no additional wiring beyond the standard phone lines plugged into the console. This easy, out-of-the-box set up differentiates the system from some competitive offerings that require phone lines at each desk, and it eliminates the need for professional installation or a telecommunications provider to maintain the system.

Individual work stations can be customized with the MS2025 cordless handset (MSRP US$79.99) or TL7600 cordless headset. A number of features can help improve office productivity and professionalism, including:

  • An auto attendant answering system with dedicated mailboxes for each deskset, allowing employees to manage their own voicemail and out-of-office messages
  • Full duplex speakerphone on corded sets for hands-free calling and inclusive group discussions
  • Large display screens to view contact lists, missed call logs and other information

The Best of Hands-free Mobility

The DECT 6.0 TL7910 cordless headset (MSRP US$199.95) bridges both the home and the small business environments adding hands-free convenience and mobility. The sleek and versatile headset can be worn three ways – over the ear, over the head and around the neck – and can reach up to 500 feet away from a connected phone base*. New voice command functionality allows the user to answer, call, or redial just by speaking. The Caller ID Announce feature will identify the caller, so the user can decide whether to answer right from the headset.

The headset also can be used with a laptop or PC to enhance online phone services such as Skype™ and Microsoft® Lync® using the accompanying AT&T branded Softphone Call Manager software. The secure, magnetic charging cradle keeps the device connected while charging, even if bumped or jostled.

Long-Range Phone for the Home

The two-handset cordless phone system CL82213 (MSRP US$59.95) provides long-range telecommunications coverage and clarity with its antenna and noise-filtering technology. Users can customize audio to individual hearing needs with four preset audio profiles, or by using the equalizer to adjust bass, treble and natural tones. The simulated full-duplex speakerphone is another feature, which allows both parties to speak at the same time.

The system is designed with an extra-large display and big, backlit buttons for easy dialing in low-light conditions. Expandable up to 12 handsets (uses CL80113), this system also can be used as a multi-handset walkie-talkie to communicate with any or all of the handsets in your home. Other helpful features include caller ID, call waiting and caller ID Announce that speaks the name of the incoming caller.

For more information on AT&T-branded residential and small business telephony products, please visit

Product specifications:

Two-Handset Connect to Cell System CLP99283

  • DECT 6.0 technology
  • Two-handset Connect to Cell system
  • USB cellphone charging port
  • Text, email, social media and calendar alerts
  • Caller ID Announce
  • HD audio
  • Power back-up
  • Expandable to 12 devices (uses CLP99003 handset, TL7600 headset or TL80133 speakerphone)
  • Available at:
  • List price: US$99.95
  • Simulated full-duplex speakerphones
  • Digital answering system
  • Other configurations available at:
    • RadioShack and Walmart: CLP99383 (MSRP US$119.95), three-handset Connect to Cell system
    • Best Buy: CLP99483 (MSRP US$139.95), four-handset Connect to Cell system

Four-Line AT&T MS-Series Business Phone System

  • Support for 16 phone stations
  • Easy installation connecting through office network
  • Caller ID and call waiting with storage for 99 entries
  • Full duplex speakerphones
  • Five-party conferencing
  • Memory match and priority ringing
  • Music for callers on hold
  • Built-in intercom system
  • Digital answering system (60 minutes of record time for console; 20 minutes for each deskset)
  • Phonebook directory with space for 99 entries
  • 32-number speed dial
  • Available at:, Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax
  • List price: MS2085 console station (MSRP US$149.95); MS2015 deskset (MSRP US$99.95); MS2025 handset (MSRP US$79.99); TL7600 cordless headset (MSRP US$69.95).

DECT 6.0 TL7910 Headset

  • Voice command
  • Available at: and Staples
  • List price: US$199.95
  • Caller ID Announce
  • AT&T Softphone Call Manager (for Skype™, Microsoft® Lync®, landline)
  • Secure magnetic charging cradle
  • Up to 500 feet of range*
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Mute, hold, flash and volume control
  • Conference capability with up to two headsets at once
  • Also available at Staples: Softphone headset with lifter TL7912 (MSRP US$269.95), which features a handset lifter to automatically move the handset up and down to answer or end a call remotely.

Two-Handset Cordless Phone System CL82213

  • DECT 6.0 technology
  • Unsurpassed range
  • Caller ID Announce
  • Push-to-talk
  • HD audio
  • Extra-large handset display
  • 50-name and number phonebook directory
  • Expandable to 12 devices (uses CL80113 handset, TL7600 headset or TL80133 speakerphone)
  • Caller ID/call waiting with a 50-name and number caller ID history
  • Digital answering system with 14 minutes of recording
  • Available at:, RadioShack, Staples and OfficeMax
  • List price: US$59.95
  • Other configurations available at:
    • Walmart: CRL82212 (MSRP US$59.95), two-handset cordless phone system
    • Best Buy, Target, Staples and Office Depot: CL83213 (MSRP US$69.95), two-handset cordless phone system
    • RadioShack, Target, Staples and Office Depot: CL82313 (MSRP US$79.95), three-handset cordless phone system
    • Best Buy, RadioShack, Target, OfficeMax, Sam's Club and BJ's: CL82413 (MSRP US$99.95), four-handset cordless phone system

*Open range test was performed by Wyle Laboratories, an independent commercial test facility. "Up to 500 feet of range" refers to the maximum open field range. Actual range may vary depending on intervening obstacles.

About Advanced American Telephones

Advanced American Telephones (AAT) designs, manufactures and distributes AT&T-branded telephone products in the United States and Canada under a brand license agreement with AT&T Intellectual Property II, L.P. AAT is owned by VTech Holdings Ltd. VTech is a widely recognized leader in corded and cordless telephones.

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