Telecommunications Industry Embraces VTech’s Connect to Cell Trademarked Phrase (只提供英文版)

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Telecommunications Industry Embraces VTech’s Connect to Cell Trademarked Phrase (只提供英文版)

Shared Language to Help Consumers Understand Bluetooth Connectivity Across Brands

Beaverton, OreThe telecommunications industry, manufacturers and retailers will begin using VTech Communications' trademarked Connect to Cell phrase to support common consumer understanding of cellphone syncing capabilities with home phones. Working with retail partners, VTech Communications, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of VTech Holdings Ltd. (HKSE: 303) agreed to sub-license the trademarked descriptor to other manufacturers in support of a unified industry language.

VTech first used Connect to Cell in 2010 to describe the Bluetooth syncing capabilities of select home phone systems to make and receive calls from either a paired cellphone or traditional phone. A leading national retailer proposed standardizing the terminology for easier public understanding, as multiple manufacturers use Bluetooth technology under different names resulting in confusing descriptions for consumers. There are about 20 different Connect to Cell models sold in the marketplace, six models from VTech.

The trademarked phrase will be available to interested telecommunications brands, upon the execution of a royalty-free license agreement with VTech. Consumers will begin seeing Connect to Cell on other manufacturers' new phone models this spring. Retailers also will start to use this trademarked phrase on store signage, point-of-purchase displays and supporting materials. VTech products and packaging already use the Connect to Cell phrase.

"New technology can be difficult to understand when there are multiple terms in the marketplace," said Nicholas Delany , president of VTech Communications, Inc. "We are offering Connect to Cell as a standard term to help customers understand this helpful connectivity feature across the multiple brands. As the reliance on mobile phones continues to increase, we expect Connect to Cell to become an increasingly important tool to improve the home communications experience."

Approximately 1.3 million phones with Connect to Cell technology were sold in 2012, about 8 percent of all cordless phone sales. Landline phone service is not required to benefit from the technology, which can deliver better sound quality and fewer dropped calls by placing the connected mobile phone in an area of the home with strong cellular coverage. The feature also is appreciated by busy consumers who can answer from any connected phone throughout the house, ending the rush between rooms when the cellphone rings.

The technology continues to be enhanced with simple pairing and multiple compatible product combinations. For more information about Connect to Cell and VTech, visit

About VTech

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