Epygi Certifies VTech on its QX Line (只提供英文版)

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Epygi Certifies VTech on its QX Line (只提供英文版)

Winter Park, Fla. – Epygi Technologies, Ltd., a worldwide provider of award-winning IP PBXs and gateways, and VTech Communications, Inc., a global leader and manufacturer of SIP-based phones, have partnered together and certified interoperability.

"Epygi is happy to be working with VTech, extending our reach in the enterprise market. Together we provide strong, reliable solutions that are scalable and feature-rich. We believe this interoperability will benefit our customers exponentially," said Andy White, director of support and training, Epygi Technologies.

Epygi has tested and confirmed interoperability with VTech's prestigious line of business phones, including ErisTerminal® and ErisStation® SIP systems. This testing aligns the two companies with a focus on high-quality, user-friendly products. VTech phones have been added to Epygi's extensive list of supported IP phones, offering a wide selection for ease of installation and customization to meet customers' needs.

"Epygi's cost-effective IP PBX solutions work with VTech's SIP phones to ensure businesses stay in control and experience clear calls. VTech understands the importance of integrating high-quality systems to meet the needs of customers around the world," said Graham Williams, vice president, Business Phones Division, VTech Communications.

ErisTerminal and ErisStation phones come in a wide variety of models, including:

  • VSP715 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 2 SIP accounts
  • VSP725 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 3 SIP accounts
  • VSP726 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 4 SIP accounts
  • VSP735 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 5 SIP accounts
  • VSP736 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 6 SIP accounts
  • VCS754 ErisStationSIP Conference Phone with Four Wireless Mics: supports up to 3 SIP accounts
  • VSP600 ErisTerminal SIP DECT Base Station and Cordless Handset: supports up to 6 cordless handsets
  • VSP601 ErisTerminal SIP DECT Cordless Handset
  • VSP608 ErisTerminal Accessory DECT Cordless Handset
  • VSP505 ErisTerminal SIP DECT Cordless Headset

About Epygi Technologies

Epygi Technologies, Ltd., a worldwide provider of award-winning IP PBXs and gateways supporting small businesses to enterprises' telephony needs, is a private U.S. company founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Winter Park, Fla. Reliable, secure, and easy to install and use, Epygi products offer users outstanding benefits and an unparalleled range of features at very economic prices. Customers are able to improve their productivity, lower operating expenses and enhance their image while affording the latest in telecommunications equipment.

About VTech 

VTech provides a diverse collection of telecommunication products that elevate the business consumer experience through state-of-the-art technology and design. The Group's business phones scale from small operations to enterprise-level corporations. They are sold through a wide network of trusted partners and are backed by industry-leading warranties and U.S.-based training and support. The company has recently added an award-winning collection of SIP phone systems, featuring compatibility with hosted and open-source PBX platforms.

Founded in 1976, VTech is the world's largest manufacturer of cordless phones and the global leader in electronic learning products from infancy through toddler and preschool. It also provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing services. VTech's mission is to design, manufacture and supply innovative and high-quality products in a manner that minimizes any impact on the environment, while creating sustainable value for its stakeholders and the community. For more information, please visit businessphones.vtech.com.