VTech – Snom Americas New Device-As-A-Service Program Provides Simplicity and Affordability (只提供英文版)

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VTech – Snom Americas New Device-As-A-Service Program Provides Simplicity and Affordability (只提供英文版)

BEAVERTON, Ore., – VTech Communications,  Inc, a global manufacturer of leading professional business VoIP products, today unveiled a new DaaS (Device-as-a-Service) program offering Snom and VTech-branded business SIP solutions to Service Providers, Resellers and VARS. In a competitive and quickly changing communications climate, the new DaaS Program allows partners to move telecom equipment expenditures from a capital expenditure (CapEx) to an operations expense (OpEx) model of financing and manage risk by eliminating the upfront capital costs needed to purchase desktop, conference and mobility equipment for their end-user customers.

Key Program Benefits Include:

  • Low-cost entry to the latest Snom- and VTech-branded SIP telephony technology solutions
  • More frequent device upgrades due to elimination of upfront CapEx that often delays phone replacement or purchases
  • Improved margins with the elimination of ownership responsibility and upfront costs
  • Lower, monthly OpEx expense provides end-users a simple, monthly cost while keeping service providers, resellers and VARS as the primary point-of-contact
  • Flexibility for businesses to scale up or down in real-time to match their employee count and business needs without the commitment of product ownership

Under the DaaS program, Service Providers, Resellers and VARs will be able to incorporate a comprehensive telecommunications hardware offering of Snom- and VTech-branded products, at low monthly rates, to their customers. Financing for the new DaaS program is powered by CSC leasing, with flexible leasing options that makes upgrading business communications equipment simple, cost effective and low risk.

Available through authorized VTech or Snom Americas distributors in the U.S., the DaaS program covers the full line of Snom- and VTech-branded products; SIP business phones, DECT Key-line, single cell and multi-cell DECT mobility products, as well as the VTech and Snom wired and wireless conference phones. (See attached list for full product line offerings). All products will be supported by Snom Americas' industry-leading customer service and warranties. Service Providers, Resellers and VARs, are able to offer these high-quality SIP devices to their end customers, while maintaining their position as customers' single point of contact.

For more information on Snom Americas, the Snom Americas DaaS program and associated product lines, please visit www.snomamericas.com.

About Snom Americas

A leading premium brand for innovative professional and enterprise VoIP phones, Snom Americas provides a diverse collection of telecommunication products that elevate the business consumer experience through state-of-the-art technology and design. These business phones are sold through a wide network of trusted partners and are backed by industry-leading warranties and U.S.-based training and support. Snom Americas was launched in 2019, after the acquisition of the German VoIP leader Snom Technology GmbH by VTech Holdings Limited in 2016. The Snom Americas product line includes color desk phones, cordless phones, headsets, wireless conference phones (coming soon) and public broadcasting systems.

Founded in 1976, VTech is the largest manufacturer of residential phones in the U.S. and the global leader in electronic learning products from infancy through toddler and preschool. It also provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing services. VTech's mission is to design, manufacture and supply innovative and high-quality products in a manner that minimizes any impact on the environment, while creating sustainable value for its stakeholders and the community. For more information on Snom Americas, please visit www.snomamericas.com.

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