VTech Launches “Buy a Book, Give a Book” Holiday Campaign with First Book (只提供英文版)

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VTech Launches “Buy a Book, Give a Book” Holiday Campaign with First Book (只提供英文版)

For each purchase on vtechkids.com, VTech will donate a new book to First Book, an organization that provides books to children in need

Chicago In low-income neighborhoods, there is an average of just one book for every 300 children. And 80 percent of preschools and afterschool programs serving kids ages 3-7 have no age-appropriate books for their children.[1]

Compare that to middle-income neighborhoods, where each child has an average of 13 books.[2]

To help combat this imbalance, VTech (www.vtechkids.com) has partnered with the non-profit organization First Book (www.firstbook.org) to launch a "Buy a Book, Give a Book" campaign for the holidays. VTech will donate a book for each purchase of a V.Reader interactive e-reading system, e-book or accessory.

One of the most important factors affecting literacy is early access to books. Kyle Zimmer, president and CEO of First Book, explains:

"Recent research shows that children who are read to regularly by the age of two display greater language comprehension, larger vocabularies, and higher cognitive skills than their peers.[3] Yet, the reality is that for families struggling to make ends meet in these difficult economic times, books and reading may be their last priorities."

Through this campaign and previous contributions, VTech will donate a total of 15,000 new books to First Book this year and is encouraging others to support the cause by making a donation here. VTech has also introduced V.Reader; the world's first interactive e-book system for kids aged 3-7, designed so that children will love learning to read.

"Reading is one of the single most important educational traditions you and your child can have," says Dr. Deborah Libby, early reading expert and VTech Advisory Council member. "Reading to children often and providing children with regular opportunities to enjoy books is one of the most effective ways to hook kids on books and shape positive attitudes toward reading."

Dr. Libby's full set of tips for parents to foster their child's love for reading can be found on http://www.vtechkids.com/articles.cfm.

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About First Book

First Book provides new books to children in need, addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy – access to books. An innovative leader in social enterprise, First Book has distributed more than 70 million free and low-cost books in thousands of communities. First Book has offices in the U.S. and Canada. For more information about the nonprofit First Book, please visit www.firstbook.org.

About VTech

VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category and the award-winning V.Reader and MobiGo, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning products. Since 1980, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products that enrich children's development, from birth to preteen, through fun and smart play.

VTech Electronics North America, LLC is based in Arlington Heights, Ill. VTech is headquartered in Hong Kong and is the world's largest manufacturer of cordless telephones and provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing services, with distribution throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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