VTech and SIDS and Kids Join Forces to Support Education and Awareness of Safe Sleeping Practices (只提供英文版)

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VTech and SIDS and Kids Join Forces to Support Education and Awareness of Safe Sleeping Practices (只提供英文版)

19 March 2015

Victoria, Australia There is nothing more important than bringing your baby home from hospital and having them sleep safe under your roof.

On every new parent's check-list is a baby monitor. In fact, it often sits right alongside other baby essentials like the cot, pram and car seat. It's a must have in most new family households and reassures a parent that their child is sleeping safely. The hard choice parents face is: which brand is right for them? With so many options in the market, how do they decide?

Put simply, it all comes down to safety and that's why many parents choose VTech. At VTech we have long recognised the importance of safe sleeping practices, and design and develop every one of our Safe&Sound® baby monitor products with this in mind. At the core of every VTech baby monitor is safety and security.

Now, VTech & SIDS and Kids, an Australian community-based organisation, are proudly partnering to support education and awareness of safe sleeping practices, and promote the correct use of baby audio and video monitors for new and expectant mums. A key feature across all models is that the baby monitoring unit does not attach to the cot and is therefore less likely to become a hazard.

SIDS and Kids Australia is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood, and to supporting bereaved families (www.sidsandkids.org). VTech is SIDS and Kids' exclusive baby monitor partner, "VTech is a friend of SIDS and Kids Australia, and as our baby monitor partner, is helping us to support Australian families," says Leanne Raven, Chief Executive of SIDS and Kids Australia.

The partnership supports, through funding, the development and delivery of Safe Sleeping Education to new and expectant mothers, GPs, Health Care Professionals, Carers and the community.

"This is a welcome recognition of VTech's Safe&Sound baby monitor product range, which has always prided itself on delivering safety to parents and their children” explains Mark Franklin, Managing Director at VTech Telecommunications Australia.

The partnership commences April 1, 2015.

About VTech

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