Snom Introduces Beacon Technology to Make Asset Tracking a Key Part of Communications (只提供英文版)

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Snom Introduces Beacon Technology to Make Asset Tracking a Key Part of Communications (只提供英文版)

Real Time Information Can Be Sent Between Beacons and End Devices for a Variety of Applications

Snom, the globally established brand for modern IP telephony in business and industry, has introduced  beacon technology to open up a new range of applications for its DECT products, such as live location, asset tracking and theft prevention.

The M9B beacon gateways are compact receivers that can register devices at close-range (from 1m to 15m) via Bluetooth or "tags" (such as the Snom M9T) and report their location. Four antennas integrated into the M9B enable precise live tracking of the tags and send this information in real time to the closest M900 base station via an encrypted DECT data connection. The information can be used to trigger an alarm or show exactly where the tag is located via a phone's display.

This beacon technology can be integrated into a business's existing telecommunications infrastructure to avoid additional complexity and costs. For example, it can be used in hospitals or care homes, where there is a need for a safe and functional system to quickly locate mobile equipment, patients or nursing staff.

The same location tracking can be applied to frequently-used moving vehicles such as forklift trucks in logistics or on building sites, as well as for easy-to-steal stock in office blocks, museums, hotels or shops.

The BLE Standard ("Bluetooth Low Energy") feature means Snom's M9B beacons are particularly energy efficient. Solar panels could power mobile beacon use, for example. Due to their low radiation power, the beacons also do not influence other infrastructures such as WLAN, DECT or mobile communications. Even medical devices remain unaffected.

Lee Underwood, Channel Manager UK&I at Snom, said: "Telephony and collaboration aren't the only tasks that make up a telecommunications infrastructure. There are many other functions that can be incorporated into an infrastructure, such as tracking and alarms."

"Our customers always turn to Snom devices for their robustness and diversity. And with the development of our beacon technology, we're sending a clear signal that there are many other scenarios in which businesses can benefit from using our devices."

The beacon technology developed by Snom is regarded as a highly professional solution, completely adaptable to the respective needs of the customer. The beacon infrastructure is rarely implemented "off-the-shelf," since installations of this type require careful planning and testing of the conditions on site. Therefore, Snom specialists are on hand to advise organisations and support projects from initial idea to completion.

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About Snom

Founded in 1997 in Berlin, Snom started as a pioneer for professional voice over IP (VoIP) endpoints and solutions. Evolving into a globally recognised premium brand, Snom now designs and manufactures state-of-the-art IP phones, wireless DECT solutions and smart workplace technologies for the business and industrial sectors.

Snom's product development strategy focuses entirely on market needs and the individual requirements of its customers and partners around the world. Snom is meeting the challenges of workplace mobility in all environments, from office or conference spaces, to creative studios, public administration buildings and demanding environments such as factories and hospitals.

Snom has local offices in Benelux, CIS, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain and the UK and has been part of the VTech Group, the world's largest manufacturer of cordless telephones, since 2016. However, Snom still has full control over the entire manufacturing cycle of products and solutions developed in Germany, which are then distributed throughout the world via a network of 3500+ certified partners. Those working with Snom benefit from a dedicated partner programme, remote and on-site support services and a three-year warranty. All this makes Snom an impressive partner for any business.

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