VTech Announces New Additions to Spring Baby Line (只提供英文版)

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VTech Announces New Additions to Spring Baby Line (只提供英文版)

Chicago – Today VTech announced the availability of new additions to its engaging baby line, featuring a playgym, soothers, books, on-the-go toys, plush and more. The new products are sure to add some fun to every little one's nursery and help reach developmental milestones!

"We are so excited for parents and their babies to experience our new toys," said Andy Keimach, President, VTech Electronics North America. "With our new sports-themed Kick & Score Playgym™, babies can focus on getting their little legs and arms moving, practice tummy time and work on developing their motor skills while having fun."

Parents and children alike will love the Kick & Score Playgym, which helps babies achieve motor-skill milestones with its multi-stage play mat and accessories. The 3-in-1 Starry Skies Sleep Soother™ will help babies find sleep easily with its soothing melodies, glowing night-light and mesmerizing projector. With exciting sounds and sing-along songs, the Turn & Learn Ferris Wheel™ allows little ones to explore animals, numbers and objects while the Animal Rhymes Music Book™ will keep babies entertained for hours with pages full of colorful animals and interactive play features.

The Kick & Score Playgym and Turn & Learn Ferris Wheel are available at retailers nationwide. The 3-in-1 Starry Skies Sleep Soother and Animal Rhymes Music Book are available exclusively at Walmart. Highlights of the newest items include:

VTech Kick & Score Playgym™: Kick up those little tootsies and get active with the Kick & Score Playgym™! Watch your baby achieve motor-skill milestones with a multi-stage play mat and accessories. Start with floor time, kicking at the ball and batting at the giraffe mobile with dangling shapes. Ready for tummy time? Enjoy the colorful characters and the dumbbell rattle, twist-and-click kettle ball, color cards and more while helping your little one strengthen core muscles. Engage kids during seated play with the interactive learning panel that teaches colors, shapes and animals and reinforces language skills. Take the detachable panel along for on-the-go play and exploration. Remove the plush soccer ball and give your toddler an extra goal-scoring challenge. Take a free kick and score! Going to the gym has never been so easy. (Ages birth +)

VTech 3-in-1 Starry Skies Sheep Soother™: Find sleep without counting sheep with the 3-in-1 Starry Skies Sheep Soother™. With three ways to use, this soother includes a projector, glow light and nursery rhyme mode. Soothing lights and sounds set the stage for peaceful rest. Three discs easily attach to the projector to provide a soothing, glowing night-light or two patterns of light effects—and the discs store inside the plush when not in use. Nature sounds, lullabies and melodies create a calming soundscape. Use the volume and timer settings on the projector to choose the volume and how long music, sounds and lights play. Your baby's cries activate the soother to turn on again, helping them learn to self-soothe. When your little one awakens, switch modes to play five nursery rhymes. Hearing rhyming tales encourages language development in little listeners. When your child is old enough, remove the electronic module to create a cuddly, plush pal. Sleep is sweet with this soothing sheep! Available exclusively at Walmart. (Ages birth +)

VTech Turn & Learn Ferris Wheel™: Little ones can take a spin on the Turn & Learn Ferris Wheel™—no tickets required! Your baby will explore animals, numbers and objects while listening to playful sounds and four sing-along songs. When kids press the friendly yellow lion, black and white zebra and blue elephant buttons they’ll hear the animals introduce themselves, numbers and objects using their own unique voices. See your child light up as they spin the brightly colored wheel around. Each spin plays sounds and songs with three flashing stars to capture their interest. With a suction cup to attach to a highchair tray or smooth surface, the Ferris wheel will stay put so you don’t have to keep picking it up off the floor and it’ll keep wiggly kids entertained. Round and round, up and down, we’re riding on the Ferris wheel. (Ages 6 months +)

VTech Animal Rhymes Music Book™: The Animal Rhymes Music Book™ has so many twists, turns (and slides) that little ones will have a hard time putting it down! Easy-to-turn pages are beautifully illustrated with cute, colorful animals and include interactive play features that kids can move to keep them engaged and entertained. Each page plays a familiar nursery rhyme set to music so everyone can sing along. The flashing star twinkles along with the sounds. Encourage your child to press the colorful instrument buttons to add guitar, triangle, piano, drum and saxophone sounds to the music. The buttons also introduce new vocabulary with the instrument’s name and the color of the button. Extend playtime by choosing between two modes for playful nursery rhymes or cheerful musical responses. Available exclusively at Walmart. (Ages 3 months +)

For more information, visit www.vtechkids.com.

About VTech

VTech is a world leader in age-appropriate and developmental stage-based electronic learning products for children. As a pioneer in the learning toy category, VTech develops high-quality, innovative educational products that enrich children's development and make learning fun. With a rich 40 year history, VTech has not only established itself as a learning authority but also consistently remains at the forefront of innovation with multiple award-winning products, including prestigious Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award winners. The company also has a broad range of award-winning infant, toddler and preschool products available in 28 different languages worldwide, with more than 100 new products introduced every year. In order to further strengthen VTech's position as a learning authority, new products are developed with critical insights from a dedicated team of in-house learning experts.

VTech Electronics North America, L.L.C. is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. VTech Electronics Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong with distribution globally.

For more information about VTech's electronic learning products, visit www.VTechKids.com, www.facebook.com/VTechtoys on Facebook or follow @VTechToys on Twitter.

Highlights Include Playgym, Ferris Wheel and Walmart Exclusives