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It all started in 1976 in Hong Kong. With just a little capital and a lot of ideas, two entrepreneurs set up a company to take advantage of some of the latest developments in electronics. Today, backed by a global R&D network of about 1,500 professionals, VTech is one of Hong Kong's great technology success stories.

Our contribution to the Hong Kong community was recognised and we are named a "caring company" by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2008. From engineering to marketing to other roles, there are always opportunities for you to be part of the exciting VTech team and continue the Hong Kong success story.

Caring Company

VTech strives to provide a supportive, pleasant and healthy workplace, and foster a caring community in our working environment. We provide a wide range of benefits and maintain open communications with employees at all levels through various channels.

Work-Life Balance

VTech encourages a work-life balance. Our active staff association regularly organises interest classes in various areas, alongside parties at festival times and outdoor activities. We also arrange for participation in sports activities and competitive events like the Hong Kong Marathon and dragon boat race.

Career Development

We actively promote continuous learning and provide different training programmes for our employees, encouraging them to develop and advance their careers. Subsidised external professional courses are also made available.

Job Opportunities (Hong Kong)

Post Date Business Job Title Reference Number Online Application
2 Dec 2022Corporate Head OfficeSenior Administrative Project & HR Officer (VCO237/W)VCO237/WApply Now
2 Dec 2022Electronic Learning ProductsSenior Product Designer (VTE329/W)VTE329/WApply Now
2 Dec 2022Electronic Learning ProductsProduct Designer I (VTE335)VTE335Apply Now
2 Dec 2022Electronic Learning ProductsProduct Designer II (VTE330/W)VTE330/WApply Now
2 Dec 2022Electronic Learning ProductsProduct Designer - Toys for Boys aged 5 + (VTE324/W)VTE324/WApply Now
1 Dec 2022Electronic Learning ProductsWeb Developer (Toys) (VTE321/W)VTE321/WApply Now
1 Dec 2022Electronic Learning ProductsQuality Director (VTE332/W)VTE332/WApply Now
30 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsSenior / Software Engineer – Machine Learning on telephony and baby monitor products (VTT259/W)VTT259/WApply Now
30 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsSoftware Engineer - Automation Testing Focus (VTT298/W)VTT298/WApply Now
30 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeSenior Information Security Engineer (VCO204/W)VCO204/WApply Now
29 Nov 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesBusiness Development Manager (CMS236/W)CMS236/WApply Now
29 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsSoftware Engineer (VTT306/W)VTT306/WApply Now
28 Nov 2022Electronic Learning ProductsProduct Designer - Infant & Toddler toys (VTE320/W)VTE320/WApply Now
28 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeIntern (Corporate Secretarial) (VCO239/W)VCO239/WApply Now
28 Nov 2022Electronic Learning ProductsChief Product Designer (VTE307/W)VTE307/WApply Now
28 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsSoftware Engineer (Baby Care Products) (VTT272&273/W)VTT272&273/WApply Now
28 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeInformation Security Manager (VCO226/W)VCO226/WApply Now
28 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsBusiness Development Manager (VTT296/W)VTT296/WApply Now
28 Nov 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesSenior Quality Manager (CMS231/W)CMS231/WApply Now
25 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeFinancial Controller (VCO240/W)VCO240/WApply Now
23 Nov 2022Electronic Learning ProductsPackaging Designer (VTE303/W)VTE303/WApply Now
23 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeIT Assistant Project Manager (VCO222/W)VCO222/WApply Now
23 Nov 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesFunctional Trainee (Program Management, Purchasing) (CMS235/W)CMS235/WApply Now
22 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsUI/UX designer I (VTT305)VTT305Apply Now
21 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeSenior System Engineer (VCO228)VCO228Apply Now
21 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeSenior Accountant (VCO238/W)VCO238/WApply Now
21 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeSystem Analyst (VCO209/W)VCO209/WApply Now
18 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsResearch Intern (VTT308/W)VTT308/WApply Now
18 Nov 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesAssistant Program Manager (CMS245/W)CMS245/WApply Now
17 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsChief Software Engineer (VTT299/W)VTT299/WApply Now
16 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsSenior / Software Engineer - Linux (VTT289/W)VTT289/WApply Now
16 Nov 2022Electronic Learning ProductsClerk (Half day) (VTE333/W)VTE333/WApply Now
16 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsChief UX Designer - Apply with resume and portfolio (VTT278/W)VTT278/WApply Now
7 Nov 2022Telecommunication ProductsAssistant Product Manager (VTT304/W)VTT304/WApply Now
3 Nov 2022Corporate Head OfficeSenior Web Developer (Backend) (VCO176/W)VCO176/WApply Now
28 Oct 2022Telecommunication ProductsSenior Software Engineer - Linux based Products Development (VTT225/W)VTT225/WApply Now
26 Oct 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesSenior Program Officer (CMS225/W)CMS225/WApply Now
21 Oct 2022Telecommunication ProductsSenior Operation / Quality Manager (VTT303/W)VTT303/WApply Now
18 Oct 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesPurchasing Supervisor (CMS247/W)CMS247/WApply Now
17 Oct 2022Corporate Head OfficeWeb Marketing Analyst (VCO210/W)VCO210/WApply Now
17 Oct 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesGraduate Electronic Engineer (CMS214/W)CMS214/WApply Now
17 Oct 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesGraduate Mechanical Engineer (CMS215/W)CMS215/WApply Now
10 Oct 2022Corporate Head OfficeMultimedia Developer (VCO224/W)VCO224/WApply Now
5 Oct 2022Corporate Head OfficeWeb Developer / Senior Web Developer (VCO125/W)VCO125/WApply Now
28 Sep 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesProgram Officer (CMS233/W)CMS233/WApply Now
23 Sep 2022Telecommunication ProductsProduct Marketing Manager (VTT285/W)VTT285/WApply Now
20 Sep 2022Telecommunication ProductsSoftware Engineer – Embedded Linux Development (VTT247/W)VTT247/WApply Now
19 Sep 2022Corporate Head OfficeNetwork Engineer (VCO228/W)VCO228/WApply Now
4 Aug 2022Electronic Learning ProductsProject Manager (VTE328/W)VTE328/WApply Now
4 Aug 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesProduction Manager (CMS249/W)CMS249/WApply Now
28 Jul 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesSenior Manager - Production Engineering (CMS250/W)CMS250/WApply Now
29 Jun 2022Contract Manufacturing ServicesAssistant Program Officer / Program Officer (CMS225/W)CMS225/WApply Now

VTech is an equal opportunity employer and offers fringe benefits to the right candidates. All applications will be used for the purpose of selection only. Applicants who are not invited for interview within four weeks may consider their applications unsuccessful.

We will retain the applications for a maximum period of six months and may refer them to suitable openings within our Group.

Please read our Personal Information Collection Statement.

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